Marijuana legalization backers puzzling over how to keep stoned drivers off the road


They take money from people by giving out fines for bad driving
instead of making sure the driver knows how to drive. Some people
think driving is important and it is the first bill they will pay on
payday but they should be taking a bus to driver training or talking
to others about whether they should be driving at all. Your friends
will tell you if you should be driving. Some people believe it is
below them. In China, the wealthy buy a car designed for a hired
driver. I find it hard to believe that anybody would want to own a car
if they could avoid it. I really enjoy the extra money by taking the

A lot of money is involved in autos and their care. Follow the money
through the auto industry and you will see that everyone is in it for
the money and they are in a hurry to make a lot. People make about
fifty dollars per hour in the auto world, more than most of us, and
that is where the government puts the money for bail-outs, more money
on top of what they make while others are unemployed.

When I first started driving in the seventies we paid money to the
cops and they told us why we are spending money, what we did wrong. He
explained it on the spot. Now he just sends you a ticket in the mail
for about three hundred and you do not remember what that day was
about let alone what you did. (footnote: Fight every ticket you get.
Deny the charge. The tickets are priced so you will go to work instead
of taking the day off to fight.)

If you are troubled by bad drivers, if you have had bad drivers change
your life, if you have lost someone in a traffic accident or if you
are fed up with money whores running the government, then write and
tell your people to write the “Prime Minister” . Let us
take the idiots off the road and get him to take the bus.

Booze and drugs do not make a difference if you do not have the skill
to operate a car. Booze and drugs do make a BIG difference when you
account for the money and that is where your government comes in.
Autos on the road and gangsters on the streets makes for a crowded,
dangerous city and the government loves jerking idiot tax payers
around almost as much as jerking around idiot drivers.…

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