[brianelwinpomeroy] BBC News – Commodity prices fall on global slowdown


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Subject: [brianelwinpomeroy] BBC News – Commodity prices fall on global slowdown

I wanted the interest rates to go up one quarter every quarter until markets stabilized. I suggested this over a year ago and now at the end of ‘room’ to move we find the Canadian dollar lagging and people, the middle class, who did save money for retirement, not getting their just deserts.
Following the USA in monetary policy is stupid and greedy because it cons people into doing the wrong thing with their money; to not understand it properly.
Look me up and you will find I do not care to retire or make a lot of money but rather tell people to monitor the government before they screw the entire system up. I only anticipate the complaints from people in hindsight and that is what I resent. The basics of math still rule and the governments are using smoke and mirrors to cheat and or otherwise manipulate people out of their savings and their home.
“Brian Elwin Pomeroy”
P.S. I work for Appleton Estates Rum and Red Number Seven Tobacco. My only compliant would be taxes on sin, which is not a sin but rather a way to weed the weak. As with the weed, I know people, smart people, who handle this kind of life without any problems and I would suggest a little research by everyone.
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