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In fact, legalize it for everyone. These government agencies do not work together or they would deduce that bribing customs people smells like drug smuggling. THAT is where the money is and that is why it stays illegal.

  It seems to me that Canada is just a place where people work and home is some place they send money, but who could blame them. North America is still and always will be a place where the wealthy white people live and enjoy.

  Support the inching up of interest rates. Support the lowering of income taxes and deductions for the working poor. Support people who want to come here and work and produce as opposed to people who move here and buy a house and then park their money in a bank. Support more not less competition on everything consumers pay to encourage more people to come here.

  Canada is where people talk about the weather and nothing else. It is boring here. The system is designed to keep certain people out like an establishment might keep their prices up to scare away the riff-raff.

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Mexico, Canada and USA Must Move to the Left


If the middle-class votes the right in again in any of these countries, I will give up. As with Zombies, as with the money whores, rule number one; double tap.

They know not what they do. They are addicted to money or human flesh and they need to be dealt a severe blow. The zombies need a double tap but the right wing only need to be shown the door and then we must guard the door and refuse them entrance ever again. Your vote is not enough; you must monitor the politicians work always.

"Brian Elwin Pomeroy"

From the editors: Keystone’s back. Good for Canada



Too bad Canadian Business Magazine does not speak to the benefits, or lack thereof, of oil pipelines. Good for the oil people, as usual, but nothing in the way of prosperity for the workers of the future. This is a temporary job for 90 % of those involved and when I started reading this mag in the seventies that fact would be the headline. The Internet provides way more information to the people than in the past but most is aimed at the hard of thinking, greedy, the want-to-be wealthy, the stupid or tabloid type. Canadian Business Magazine wants to be purchased by Murdoch so they can go all the way to useless politicking like the Wall Street Journal and other useless bought-by-the-man media.


“Brian Elwin Pomeroy”


Finance Ministers Clear Way for Credit Rating Competition in Europe


FinanceMinisters Clear Wayfor Credit Rating Competition inEurope


COPENHAGEN — European Union finance ministers agreed on Saturday to increase competition among credit ratings agencies and to continue difficult discussions on taxing certain financial transactions.


Retroactive and open book accounting…


At the end of a two-day gathering here,Margrethe Vestager,Denmark’s economics minister, announced that the ministers had reached an agreement to require companies to rotate ratings agencies to prevent conflicts of interest and encourage more competition.


Two hundred years late…


Ms. Vestager said it would be important to make any such rules “applicable in the real world because, you know, the market for credit rating is rather limited.”


If you had the money, you would make the same rules…


A European law requiring companies to rotate agencies, and in turn encourage ratings competitors to enter the market, could have major implications for companies like Fitch RatingsMoody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s, the big three global providers that are based in the United States and have dominated the sector.


That is how most money ended in so few piles…


Over the past two years, European leaders have repeatedly accused the agencies of exacerbating the sovereign debt crisis by unfairly downgrading countries’ creditworthiness and further driving up their costs of borrowing.


Nothing personal, doing what they’re told…


Last year, Michel Barnier, the European commissioner responsible for financial services, proposed that companies be forced to change every three years the company that they pay to rate their credit, or every six years if they hired more than one ratings agency.


Does the tax payer pay for these whores?…


He also said that financial institutions should be allowed to rely less on the agencies and be obliged to make their own assessments.


Stakeholders NEED to pay for their own accountants…


Those rules still need to be approved by governments and the European Parliament, and Mr. Barnier’s proposals on the frequency of rotation could be modified. A longer phasing-in period for the rules could also be added.


I’ll be dead of old age years before…


That decision was overshadowed by a disagreement between the Austrian finance minister, Maria Fekter, and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers, over who got to announce the deal first.


JAMES KANTER will get the blacklist for this…


Mr. Juncker canceled a scheduled news conference after Ms. Fekter upstaged him with an impromptu announcement.


Enough children, back to the money whores…


Ministers avoided acrimony on Saturday in a discussion about creating a so-called financial transaction tax, a proposal that has drawn fierce criticism fromSwedenandBritain.


Here we are but where are USA and the oil people?…


Proponents say such a mechanism could help recoup vast sums of money that governments have spent to save banks by levying a tax on most share, derivative and bond trades. But opponents warn that such a tax would push banks and other financial institutions to abandon European financial centers like the City ofLondon and could ultimately leave European governments with less revenue.


Consult the poor to learn how to deal with less money…


In a sign that the governments could be preparing the path to a compromise, Anders Borg, the Swedish finance minister, said he could support a more modest levy known as a stamp duty that mainly taxes shares.




“Something in line with the French stamp duty or the British stamp duty” would be less costly for the economy and could be acceptable toSwedenandBritain, Mr. Borg said in comments on the margins of the meeting.


See?…not a rocket science…


“There are some positive signs on this,” he said, adding that he had agreed to join a working group on the issue at the invitation of the German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble.


2012-04-01 13:35:45 MST. Now we wait…





How did the USA become the most powerful country in the world with so many evil and stupid people arguing about a common sense thing like money? Is it the hope of becoming one of the one percent? Like the hope of winning the lottery, people will run over each other in their race for the top instead of enjoying the journey.

I just saw tonight's 20/20 and I gotta say if anyone ever wins the lotto and wants to avoid the grief or the perceived downside, give me a call. I know how to tell people where to get off.

"Brian Elwin Pomeroy"